Netflix on Culture

I hope you’ll take a moment to skim these slides from Netflix on developing their culture. I read this as a conversation about supporting and challenging our students.  University settings often create an environment of freedom and learning for our students – many of whom are also our employees.  Netflix talks about coordinating this freedom by creating context within your organization so that folks are working toward the same goals.  I think that many of us have had these same conversations within our organizations, only replacing the word “context” with “expectations”.

I wanted to point out the conversation starting at slide 86; part of the goal for the ProgDB is to help your organization maintain high levels of alignment.  Alignment comes through staying in contact about event details which allow your meeting time to focus on tactics, strategies and goals.  Having a detailed understanding at all levels of your organization about the projects that peers are involved in create opportunities for collaboration, and decrease replication of efforts due to lack of communication.  Simply maintaining these open channels of communication help team members teach themselves about best practices by observing the work of others and recognizing the work that they admire.

I admire a few of the other points made in the presentation about management and attributes of quality team members.  It’s well worth reading.  Thanks to @kprentiss for highlighting these slides – great find.

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